Article 4- January 24

The Many Faces of Transition

Are you experiencing change? Then you're in transition!

´╗┐by Johnna Godinez, KYEA Administrative Assistant


If there was ever a quote I would give for one of the major experiences in my life, it would be, “I know I am living because I am finishing one thing and I am moving on and transitioning into what I sincerely believe what the Lord has next for me.” Now this is too long to put on my tombstone, so my life could be summed up by, “Here lies Johnna, she transitioned, and she is glad.”

To clarify, I asked Siri for the definition for transition, and it is the change from one process or experience to another state. For example, the butterfly goes from being a caterpillar to being in a chrysalis and the end result is a butterfly. The struggle is real, and transitions are often frustrating, painful, hard, etc., but, in the end, you hopefully will arrive at a better place in an improved state. Transition can mean so many different things. It is not just one thing… it really can be any change in your life. Check out these examples of transition (you may be surprised by some):

Break-ups – It could be between friends or a couple who are dating. Sometimes people grow and change, and relationships do not work anymore. 

Adopting a pet – Suddenly you have a fuzzy wuzzy dependent whose every need is provided by its new parent. You need a dog walker, a new veterinarian, and hide your shoes so they won’t become toys. 

New medical diagnosis – I am beginning the process of having my knee replaced in April, and I am starting to plan my transition to surgery, and the transition into the healing process post-surgery.

Moving to another location – It could be across town, the state, or the country. Not only are you packing up your stuff, but you are leaving all that you were familiar with including friends, your favorite places to go to, and your comfort zone. 

Can we say Coke Classic? – When I was a youth, an updated version of Coke was introduced to the marketplace. It was a flop, and we went back to “original Coke.” Now we have Coke Zero, Coke with cherry or vanilla. Personally, I am transitioning to Coke Zero since I am a diabetic.

Loss of a parent - My dad Cesar passed away in September of 2022. This has been the most painful transition I have ever been through. I am not sure I will ever get over it. But I’m healing and I am doing better. 

Getting married - It’s not only planning a wedding, a cake, honeymoon, and wedding showers, but it is learning how to live with one another and moving from one identity to that of what I would call a team. This person is now your team member, and the team has to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of the relationship. Nobody ever said transition was easy. I must admit, I am looking forward to this transition.