Article 1- January 24

A Few Questions with Shannon Kennedy

What are three words that you would use to describe yourself?





What are your disabilities?

Ever since I became a mom to two kids with disabilities and as I've grown older, I've noticed that my focus isn't quite what it used to be. I mean, distractions are everywhere, right? So, I've had to really level up my game and be super intentional with my day. That means kicking things off with a to-do list, taking regular breaks to check in on that list, and setting precise wrap-up times to make sure I've tackled everything or it gets rolled over to the next day. 

But honestly, it's a constant struggle! Staying on task and not chasing after the next shiny thing? It's like a never-ending battle; I'm in it big time. 


What has been your favorite thing about your job so far?

Hands down, the best part of my job is getting to learn about all the services we provide and the fantastic young people we work with. It's incredible how we're making a real difference all across the state.


What do you think is the most important quality in a leader?

One of the essential qualities a leader should have is being totally OPEN. Open to change, open to really listening, open to embracing criticism, and having an open, flexible mindset. I'll never grow if I shut myself off from what's happening around me. I've got to stay ready to learn and adapt, and that only happens when I'm open to new ideas and experiences.

But here's the deal: a leader has to be down to roll up their sleeves and get it done, too. If I wasn't up for something, I couldn't expect others to do it for me. I've got to be ready to step in, tackle the tasks that need doing, and hustle hard to ensure the team crushes it.


What is one thing that everyone should know about you?

Back in my early 20’s, I was a firefighter in Missouri, and it was hands down one of the most amazing and fulfilling gigs I've ever had. The thrill of the call, the adrenaline rush of hustling to fight fires or assist the injured, and the tight-knit crew that felt like family – it was an absolute blast.

Fast forward to today, and even though I'm a mom to two incredible boys, the chaos is still very much a thing. Instead of battling fires, I'm putting out fires between my two sons, I’m constantly running from one school event to another and I've built my own family through adoption – and let me tell you, it gives me the most incredible feels ever!