Behind Julia's Glasses- November

Behind Julia's Glasses

by Julia Thomas, Executive Director
"I Can. I Will."
November 2013

Seeing that the thankfulness season is upon us (weird that our culture has a specific season that we are to be thankful in), I was asked to focus my article on what I am thankful for.  Living as an independent woman for 17 years now, I could say I am thankful for my job, house, friends, etc.  The thing I most often forget to be thankful for are my mom, Miriam Fonseca-Connellis, and my dad, Gary Connellis… my parents.  I am thankful that they spoil me, buy me presents, make me home cooked meals when I visit them… just joking!!  Well, maybe not entirely :).

On a serious note, though, my parents are like the ice cream cone to ice cream, the keyboard to a computer monitor, and the gas to a fuel tank… you can’t possibly have one without the other!  My mother (or, as I call her, “Ma”) taught me how to listen to my body, limit my stress, and get the rest I need to be healthy.  Most of you know that I am a stubborn gal, and having to admit that I need to slow down or say no to someone to decrease potential stress, is hard for me.  My ma constantly reminds me that listening to my body is essential for my longevity in life.  My ma also taught me how to have some really good belly laughs, to stick up for myself, and how to value items that I have worked so hard to attain.

My dad, on the other hand, has molded me to be a daddy’s girl.  He taught me how to observe and listen before I open my big mouth (which I work on everyday!).  He taught me to try everything and then decide what I think about it.  Case and point, while I could still see in high school, I wanted to drive.  So my dad not only let me drive the family car, but actually purchased me a car!!  I decided, after a year and two minor accidents, that I did not like driving.  I bet he never thought his own teachings would back fire on him!!  My dad also taught me that everybody deserves chances in life- a lesson that serves me well as I work with youth with disabilities that need those chances.

So, as I began this article, I realized that there are so many things I can be thankful for, but none of them measure up to, or even come close to, my love and devotion for all that my parents have done to give me a firm foundation for life.  I hope my life will always be a legacy demonstrating their tenacity, love and hope for human kind.