Through Julia's Eyes- October 2015

by Julia Connellis, Executive Director
"I Can. I Will!"

Below you will find helpful hints from the perspective of a boss -- me -- on how to get and keep a job.    

Looking:  You have to put the effort in.

  1. Advertise- Update your resume and hand them out to as many businesses as you can.  It does not matter if they have available positions.  Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job.  Post it on social media and drop it in a conversation.  Just get your name out there! 
  2. Workforce Centers - Utilize your local workforce center and the services they provide.  If there is not one in your area, jump on the web and use their online job services. 


Interview: First impressions mean everything!

  1. Research – Do extensive research on the business you are interviewing for.  Skimming their website is NOT enough.  Go through all the links and ask your friends what they know about the business.
  2. Know where you are going- Look up their address, map out your route and be sure you have the phone number just in case you get lost.
  3. Be on time – Actually, be early.  Showing up exactly at the time the interview is scheduled gives a poor impression.  When someone is 10 – 15 minutes early, that is impressive.  Show that the job matters by arriving early and being willing to wait.
  4. Dress – Always dress professional for interviews.  It does not matter what you are interviewing for.  If you are unsure what that looks like, do some online investigating.
  5. Disability Disclosure– Share about your disability in the interview in a positive fashion.  Don’t hide, share it and let them know all your strengths that come along with it!


Keeping: Just because you have the job, doesn’t mean you stop trying.

  1. Positive Attitude- Everyone has a personal life that affects them, but it is unprofessional to bring that baggage to work. Be the employee that spreads positivity or just keep your mouth shut. 
  2. Follow the rules– Read the employee handbook, follow the rules/guidelines your boss has for you, and, if you are not sure what they are, ask your boss.  If you follow everything you see your co-workers doing, you could be giving a poor impression without even knowing it.
  3. Gratitude– Everyone is replaceable, so show your appreciation for your job.  Never take your job for granted, even if you dislike it.  So work hard, and go above and beyond what you are expected to do.   


Just Don’t: 

  1. Publicly hate your job - Do not post any negativity about your job on social media, and be careful who you verbally share with.  Your page is public, and your words can be shared.  The last thing you want is for your words to get back to the boss unless you are looking to get fired.
  2. Arriving late or leaving early – Remember, your boss and co-workers need to be able to depend on you at all times.  A habit of showing up late or leaving early shows that you don’t care about your job.
  3. Social media drama– Although your social media sites are for you to express yourself, it is very important that you limit any negativity about your life.  Employers use social media to pre-screen potential employees.   When I find nothing but negativity or drama, I stop and ask myself if that is the type of attitude I want to hire.  Nothing is private people!