Spotlight On: Jordan and Jessica Calderon

How and when did you both first meet?

BOTH: We both had a mutual friend that believed she was the best match maker and gave each other our phone numbers. We texted and talked on the phone from June of 2012 and finally built up the courage to meet face to face four months later.


What did you like about the other person? What attracted you to them?

JESSICA: When I first met Jordan, he was so nervous and sweet which I adored. His looks were definitely attracting to me; his long blond hair, bright blue eyes, and the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

JORDAN: I liked the fact that Jessica was so sweet and her eyes attracted me most. Beautiful.


What do you like best about being married?

JESSICA: I love having my best friend there always through thick and thin and to know I can always come home to a warm hug.

JORDAN: I like being able to talk to Jessica about anything and knowing I will always have someone by my side.


What do you like least about being married?

JESSICA: I had to grow up a lot faster than I had originally planned. Don't get me wrong, if I had the chance to this all over again, I wouldn't change a thing! That was just a struggle to go through; but, I wouldn't be the successful, happy person I am today without having Jordan by my side to grow old with.

JORDAN: I dislike the people who doubt our marriage lasting just because we're young.


Jordan, how does Jessica having a disability affect your marriage?

JORDAN: I have to help more around the house; which I am okay with!


Jordan, have you ever thought of dating a person with a disability? did you have any apprehensions about dating a person with a disability?

JORDAN: No, I had not ever thought of dating someone with a disability; it never even crossed my mind.


What is your favorite thing to do to spend time with each other?

JESSICA: I love to stay home, put on comfy clothes, and watch movie after movie with Jordan. We both have our own recliner that is specifically ours but it never fails... Ten minutes into the movie I somehow get in Jordan's recliner with him all snuggled up to my best friend.

JORDAN: I love going out on dates with Jessica where we can sit and talk about anything and everything. I also love staying home and watching movies and just enjoying the company of Jess.


What is one challenge that you have faced in your relationship and how did you work through it?

BOTH: We believe our biggest struggle was the people who meant the most to us, our family, were unsure of our young marriage. We have overcome that struggle by going with our hearts and marrying each other and know our family realize how well we are doing and how strong our love is.


How do you as a couple work through conflicts in your marriage?

BOTH: We have learned the best way to deal with a disagreement is to sit down and talk through it. Our talks involve no pointing fingers and what we feel we could do better to make the disagreement not happen again. Sitting down and talking about it is not always easy but when you love someone you always want to make it work.


How do you think having a baby will impact your lives?

BOTH: We believe little Adalynn will bring us closer as a couple and give us a chance to spend time together as a family.


What advice do you have for youth with disabilities who are out there dating right now and trying to find their partner?

BOTH: Our biggest advice would have to be- go with your heart and do what's best for you, not your friends. Don't let other people make your decisions for you.


What advice do you have for a successful marriage?

BOTH: Jordan and I have to be open and truthful to each other. Say "I love you" everyday even if you know the other person knows you do. You’re never too old to write love letters to each other, Jordan and I have been married Almost two years and we still write each other notes telling each other how much we appreciate them and love them. Make sure they have best friend qualities, someone you can talk to about anything, someone you can laugh or cry with, someone who is going to be there for you through thick and thin. And lastly, (all Jordan) don't let your wife add salt to your spaghetti... I had made dinner one night for Jordan and my dad and I said "add 1 tablespoon of salt for every serving... Well me not truly knowing how to cook thought servings meant people. So I added THREE TABLESPOONS of salt and let just say it wasn't the best meal I have ever made... And Jordan hasn't let me forget it!