Article 5- March 2023

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ABLE Accounts

by Kirstianna Guerrero, KSYLF Alumna '18 and Faces Alumna '20


Look out Kansans with Disabilities, are you ready to hear about something you will now be ABLE to do? Save! Don’t save your excitement, save your money!

I sat down with Julia Whalen, the Savings Program Manager with the Kansas State Treasurer's Office, to talk about the groundbreaking ABLE Accounts. ABLE is an acronym that stands for “Achieving a Better Life Experience” and this program helps you do just that by giving you the space to save the money you need to reach your goals, without losing your SSI or SSDI Benefits. Individuals with disabilities have only been able to have $2,000 in assets at any given time in order to remain eligible for many federal means-tested benefits programs, such as SSI or SSDI. However, money saved in an ABLE account is not a countable asset for these means-tested benefits. So, using an ABLE Account, you could now save up to $100,000 or more depending on the benefits you receive.

ABLE is a tax advantaged savings account that qualified individuals with disabilities can open. If your disability was present before age 26, you may qualify. There are 6 different investment options, as well as a checking account option with a debit card. You can choose to invest your money, have liquid access to it, or both. Contributions are made post-tax, accounts grow tax deferred, and earnings are tax free as long as they are used for eligible expenses.

What are eligible expenses? Basically, expenses that benefit your health, independence, and quality of life. Some examples given are Education, Health and Wellness, Housing, Transportation, Legal Fees, Financial Management, Employment Training and Support, Assistive Technology, Personal Support Services, Oversight and   Monitoring, and Funeral and Burial Expenses.

Visit to see the different options available, check your eligibility, and access the application to print out or complete online.

Contact Julia at or 785-296-6251 if you have any questions, need a paper application mailed to you, or would like to set up a presentation about ABLE accounts.